A fresh point to start! Living the lovely life, full of laughter of abundance of blessings. Bunch of things to be thankful without we realize!


Living a life happily of course doesn’t mean live a life without problem. Everyday comes up with new problem, but keep in our mind that we can be overcomer! ^^ I learn many things in these last few months. The transition from the college life into the real life really challenge me to be more mature. What mature do I mean? Ask God’s vision about the future, pray it, take one more step faithfully. There are double F in front — FAITH or FRIGHTEN. We can choose only one. Choose faith means no frighten! If there’s frighten it means no faith :)

Actually I don’t plan to write something seriously, but it just came up when i think about the word of lady (forgive me haha) Below are the photos that I and my bf took yesterday, and they are really satisfy me! Photography is something that I’m learning, creating original ideas and make them to be true really challenging for me.

and, my most favorite comes up ^^

Last but not least, when in doubt, go for black! With black we never go wrong :D


Isabella Christine


The right time must come! yes, that thought is in my mind right now. I’ve created tumblr account few years ago, but I didn’t use it well at that time, yeah maybe it hasn’t the the right time yet! :D I chose blog instead of tumblr at that time, as time goes by, i realize that I’m not constant person to be a blogger (haha forgive me, I can’t meet up with my photographer a.k.a my bf often :p)  Sooo, I decide to use this tumblr, I realize it’s the best place for me. Please take care of me well, Mr. Tumblr! :D

By the way, I’m enjoying the season of holiday, since I wrapped my busy weeks. and now finally I can revenge my sleeping debt (yes!), enjoying good food, and the most important is I can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful sky created by amazing God! ^^


(Abell’s Victoria vintage kimono outer; Zara lather skater skirt and studded heels)